27.03.15 : 125 years of Lacrosse at St Leonards

The very first lacrosse matches took place at St Leonards 125 years ago on 27th March 1890.  To celebrate the anniversary all the girls that currently play lacrosse at St Leonards created a human ‘125’ out on Big Field. They also had great fun recreating some of the old team photos!

These first matches were inter-house matches:  Bishopshall East beat Queen’s Terrace by 3 goals to 1 and Bishopshall East beat Daygirls by 2 goals to 0.  Teams were 8 a side and the game was played with extremely long wooden sticks. 

By 1890 the girls at St Leonards already played cricket and goals (a forerunner of hockey) but a team game was required for the Spring Term. The introduction of lacrosse at St Leonards can be traced back to the visit the first two Headmistresses, Miss Louisa Lumsden and Miss Frances Dove, made to Canada in 1884.  They attended a conference and during their stay watched lacrosse played by Native American Indians and members of the Montreal Club.  This eventually resulted in the introduction of the lacrosse at St Leonards in 1890.

Lacrosse Scotland have also featured our story: http://www.lacrossescotland.com/news/celebrating-125-years-this-week-9351/

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